Hello! I make records, and wear multiple hats in the process. Mainly, I produce, mix, and engineer. Sometimes, I play drums. Less often, I play bass. Even less often, I play other things. I work tirelessly to make fully realized works of art that also sound fantastic. Please check out my selected discography below and get in touch if you would like to work together.


ST. VINCENT - GRAMMY-winning "Daddy's Home" (e), "The Nowhere Inn" (m, e), SUKI WATERHOUSE - "Faded" (p), WEYES BLOOD - "And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow" (e), PARQUET COURTS - "Sympathy For Life" (m), MAYER HAWTHORNE - "For All Time" (e), SLEATER-KINNEY - "Path Of Wellness" (assist. m), MATT BERNINGER/RONBOY/RESYNATOR - "Only A Broken Heart" (m), JANE. - "What A Wonderful Time To Be Barely Alive" (p, m, e), AUBREY HADDARD - "Thin Line", various singles (e, mast.), JULIA STONE - TBA (re-m), HOLYCHILD - "The Theatrical Death Of Julie Delicious" (e), MACY GRAY - "Ruby" (e), CAKE - "Reincarnation" (e), HELLOGOODBYE - "S'Only Natural" (assist. m), ADAM YAS - "Gender Of The Holy Spirit" (m, e, drums), EMILY AFTON - "Consideration" (p, m, e), NICKI BLUHM - "Remember Love Wins" (m, e), DONNY MCCASLIN - "Warszawa" (m, e), MARY BRAGG - "Edge Of This Town" (m, e) ...and many others. Here is a playlist on everyone's favorite evil streaming service featuring a selection of my work.


A weirdly fantastic sounding mix and production studio in the canyons at the edge of Los Angeles. Natural light, carefully selected gear, and two friendly cats. For tracking sessions, I'm always happy to work at any suitable studio. In California, I recommend 64 Sound, Altamira, Big Bad Sound, 25th Street Recording, and Panoramic House.


Please contact Carmen Yvette at for any producing/mixing/engineering inquiries.